Hi, I'm Shannon. 


My journey towards paying attention to my own ordinary life began five years ago when I became a mom for the first time. Prior to having my first son, I was living an overstretched, overscheduled, stressful existence.

Both my husband and I were working on our Masters of Divinity degrees, my husband was pastoring a group of students, I was working almost full time-commuting an hour and half each way, and we were trying to juggle all the demands of paper writing, Greek flashcards, and trying to take care of the people God has placed in our care.

I don’t think I had a mere free moment to really stop and pay attention to life around me in the five years this was our pace.

With the birth of our first beautiful boy, that pace... stopped suddenly.

I went from going 80 miles an hour, to a mere 5 miles an hour. From days starting with early morning meetings and ending with classes late at night, to being home most of my days, trying to learn this new gift of a little human being.

You may think that I was thrilled to slow to a snails pace, and there was a big part of me that was, but when my pace slowed down, mostly I was scared.

What was going to happen when I really stopped?

Who am I without all the busyness?  

How would God use this training I poured five years of my life into? 

How would I be useful, if I was living a very non-public, ordinary existence?

God in all his wisdom, knew what I needed the most, was to slow down in order to see the power of living a life in a mundane and ordinary way.

What I found was God is as much the God of the kitchen sink, as he is the God of the pulpit, the classroom, and therapist's couch.

He’s the God who cares about the words we use in our emails as much as he is the God who delights in a well-crafted scrambled egg.

In the years following my slow awakening to my actual everyday, ordinary life, I had the wonderful opportunity to work in a Fellows Program, in Seattle, designed to help everyday people live out whole life discipleship.

During my time there, I worked with people in many professions longing to live with more attention and intention in their vocational work, their faith, and their relationships.

These people are doctors and nurses, tech specialists,  film makers, teachers, stay at home parents, and people working in global health.

I’ve also worked alongside pastors longing to help their congregants see the power of God in a life lived wide awake, and with faithful Christians asking how God might meet them in their own workplaces.

And here’s what I’ve found working with this diverse group of people. 

God is about the business of illuminating even the most menial and mundane of lives with his intention, attention, purpose, and power.

I believe it because not only have I been transformed by it, but I’ve seen many, many others transformed as well. When we choose to not despise the small beginnings, but rather pay attention to those too, something amazing happens.

And guess what?  I believe, that He can transform your life as well.

You too can learn to see again, the extraordinary life God has for you, in all its ordinariness. You don’t have to live distracted and overstretched.

You can live wide-awake to the ordinary life around you, seeing the extraordinary power of God to enable you to live with great intention and attention. It’s a journey not a destination, and proximate contentment is possible.

My small, but vibrant life with my two young sons, husband, and small tribe of friends teach me each day what it means to pay attention, and to look deeper into the realities in my everyday, ordinary life. 

It’s a gift and a privilege to day by day learn to pay attention. My people help me do this in simple and yet profound ways. 

If you want to hear more of my story, I share some of it here. 

I hope to be a guide and a fellow sojourner for you in this transformation, as well. I’d love to hear what God is up to in your life as you’re transformed to pay attention more.

Please contact me! Feel free to contact me here. 

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I look forward to journeying together.

God’s richest blessings on all your good endeavors.