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Life is busy, isn’t it? Our world is increasingly filled with seemingly good things vying for our time, attention, and buy in. With souls longing for connection, we step into our days looking for anything that will fill our desires- even if for a short time- and give ourselves to them. These things aren’t bad, certainly. They just may not be the best use of our time, resources, attention, and lives.

For indeed, as Annie Dillard has said,

“How we spend our days, is of course how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour and that one is what we are doing.”

And for many of us, we don’t realize how we are spending our days until we stop in our more honest moments and ask ourselves “Is this all there is? Am I missing something?”

We live our days repeatedly, wondering, “There has to be another way to live.”

But we’re unsure where to start, or if living with attention and intention is something we can work towards.

Many days we’re so caught up in the pace of responsibilities and obligations, we don’t know the power that stopping and reflecting on our lives will bring. We prioritize the seemingly urgent tasks at hand, and forget that sometimes the essential is not what is urgent. So, we keep going, unaware of how we’re living out our moments and therefore our days.  

Sound familiar? Are these questions you’ve asked yourself? Good!

Here’s what I want you to know... you are not alone.

Because of the increasing pace of our world and therefore our lives, I believe that there are whole communities of people who are asking these questions together, and journeying towards lives lived wide awake, engaged in the ordinary everyday lives that God has created for them to live.

And this is the type of place I want this site to be. A community of people, who are exploring together the miracle of mundane life; both the pain and heartache, and the joy and creative connection God has put within us to be lived. I want this site to be a place where people who have taken the risk to reflect on the values of their lives, gather together for encouragement, and collaboration.

If you're someone longing to change your life to be lived more intentionally, you've come to the right space. If you're someone who has already made changes, and want to spur others on, welcome in! I can't wait to journey with you and learn alongside you.  

Through the power of small tweaks in your life, you can live a life wide awake to the presence of God in your ordinary, everyday life. 

Here’s a few places to start exploring this conversation: 


Miracle in the Mundane e-book

You don’t have to have the corner office, or the dream home. Your kids don’t have to be the best dressed, or your life all put together to experience God in your ordinary life. In fact, it’s often in the hidden, back door, kitchen sink moments of life that God often reveals himself. Want to read more about how God meets you in the midst of your ordinary, everyday life? Sign up to receive your freecopy of the The Miracle in the Mundane e-book. 

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The Blog

The blog is a resource created especially for you. This is a place where you’ll hear stories of what I discover as I pay attention to my own life, as well as stories of what others have found as they’ve stepped into lives of great intention and attention. On the blog, I will also provide you with practical tools, tips, and resources  to help you live out your own intentionally wide awake life. 

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Get to Know Me

Hi, I'm Shannon. I’ve worked with people in many professions longing to live with more attention and intention in their vocational work, their faith, and their relationships. And here’s what I’ve found: God is about the business of illuminating even the most menial and mundane of lives with his intention, attention, purpose, and power. I am a writer, speaker, tea and book lover, mama to two boys, and wife to Dan, a pastor. I'm excited to join you on your journey towards living with great intention and attention. 

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